SharePoint Solutions

SharePoint continues to be Microsoft’s fastest growing business product, now claimed to be deployed in one of every two U.S. businesses. Whether planning to deploy SharePoint for the first time, seeking ways to increase the value of an existing portal, or need depth of expertise to maintain your SharePoint Farm, Agiline consultants have the experience to help you find success.

Agiline Software has a decade of experience defining and building business solutions based on SharePoint Technologies. Our expertly skilled business analysts, SharePoint solution architects and developers are not only a pleasure to work with, but they have demonstrated they are among the best in the business. Agiline Software’s flexible service offerings allow you to engage with us in small or large projects, and have the confidence that your project is being handled by those who care about your success.

Solutions provided for:

Financial Services

Financial systems are the lifelines of any organization.They demand accuracy and precision along with high performance. Agiline Software SharePoint’s Solutions for finance domain are a perfect blend of great precision and performance. Regulation compliance modules, key performance indicators, dashboards and data analysis, enhanced security all these and more are now at your finger tips.


Check out our time proven Healthcare solutions that offer easy and efficient management of patient record, chart, forms, lab and clinical records, insurance and much more.

Government Agencies

Agiline Software Sharepoint specializes in offering Solutions related to Government Agencies. These bespoke solutions provide efficient information processing, through modules that deal with easy collaboration between disparate departments, electronic document management, reporting and analysis, and security.

Higher Education

Better Collaboration, Streamlined Operations and Processes, Quick Student Services, Simplified Accounting and much more… Our advanced Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions have much to offer, to make Education Systems better.


Our solutions for Insurance Industry are tailor made to meet the specific needs of this specialized industry domain. With simplified information management, claims management, underwriting process, policy administration etc. our SharePoint Insurance Solutions are comprehensive, excellent and smart,all of these at the same time!

Portals & Collaboration

Unleash the in-built power of SharePoint to experience the power of collaboration, communication, and participation. Modern day SharePoint solutions to meet your needs for internet, intranet and extranet portals, well integrated with CMS and collaboration tools.

SharePoint Branding

Variety SharePoint Branding Solutions that boost your online presence and identity. With appealing visual designs and superior user experiences, our solutions talk the language of your brand.

SharePoint Migration

Get the edge with our decade long expertise in SharePoint, which makes your SharePoint Migration journey, a cakewalk! Having an extensive experience in SharePoint migration, Agiline offers simple and effective migration solutions that you can trust.

Workflow Automation

Agiline Software specializes in offering simple and powerful SharePoint Workflow Automation solutions that enhance business process efficiency. These solutions are designed to streamline regular business processes and reduce the efforts in monitoring and collaboration.

Business Intelligence

Insightful Business Intelligence Solutions that harness the power of SharePoint. With interactive dashboards, score cards, and reports, Agiline Software’s Business Intelligence solutions aid in better decision making, and serve as the gateway to your success.

Development & Customization

Agiline Software possesses strong expertise is SharePoint Development & Customization. With wide exposure to varied industry verticals, Agiline Software can offer custom SharePoint solutions that meet the precise requirements of any business or enterprise from any industry background.

Accounts Payable

Viable solutions that efficiently handle the Accounts Payable processes. With Electronic Storage of invoices, Swift and Accurate processing, Reduced Storage Costs and Human Errors, and ERP Integration, Agiline’s SharePoint solutions for Account Payables are technology’s boons to modern business.

Human Resources

Agiline Software’s SharePoint Solution for HR processes is the most apt way to address the documentation intensive Human Resources Processes and Practices. Add efficiency and acceleration to HR functions, with Agiline Software’s Customized SharePoint Solutions for Human Resources.


Agiline Software’s Solutions for the Legal/Contract departments are designed to address the specific challenges of this specialized domain. The ECM solutions make the document management and workflow, much simpler and manageable. Explore the efficiency and effectiveness of SharePoint solutions for Legal/Contract domain.

Asset Management

With Agiline Software’s Asset Management, a business gains access to a wide variety of information about the particular machines being used in the organization. The IT staff is able to use that information to effectively track, manage, and maintain this critical equipment. Network discovery tools and other add-ons further enhance asset management through automated device scanning and remote access.