SharePoint Products

SharePoint is designed to help businesses like yours, and Agiline Software is an expert at tailoring SharePoint to manage documents, department correspondences, workflows, projects, and much more. The boost in productivity and time savings experienced by our customers has improved efficiency, provided insight and directly produced significant cost savings.

Agiline Software has mastered varied dimensions of Microsoft Technologies and has now ventured into the designs and development of feature rich web parts, with completely customizable parameters, to best meet the individual business needs. After having delivered excellence in Microsoft Technologies for more than a decade, Agiline Software is now offering innovative SharePoint Web Parts that add value to your business. Some of these web parts are absolutely free, and you can opt to use these web parts on a trial basis, to witness their benefits, and the value they add to your business and the SharePoint environments.

SharePoint Web Parts

Newsletter Pro

The Newsletter Pro is SharePoint Add-in that publishes the news and announcements. News can be created and grouped based on customizable category (Ex: Area / Division / Department / Region) and associate with corresponding image for better look.


wp-bdayBirthday, Anniversary and New Hires Web Part

This is a SharePoint Web Part with a personal touch… Working along with SharePoint User Profile Directory or a Custom List, this web part selects the information on upcoming birthdays, anniversaries or “newly hired employees” and displays it in a list form.


wp-calCalendar / Multi Calendar Web Part

Agiline Software’s Calendar Web Part is a special purpose web part, which is designed to display the schedules of all the events and meetings. This web part is capable of fetching the event/meeting schedule from five different Calendar Lists at the same time, and displaying it on a compact widget style calendar.


wp-carouselCloud Carousel Web Part

Cloud Carousel Web Part is yet another addition to the Web Parts Collection that offer visual feast. This is another new web part, designed and developed by Agiline, keeping in mind, the special requirements of its client base.


wp-tabsDynamic Tabs Web Part

The Dynamic Tabs Web Part is designed to offer better visual representation of the list data. This web part fetches the data from the custom list and dynamically creates the tabs to display the fetched data.


wp-directoryEmployee / Staff Directory Web Part

The Staff Directory / Employee Directory is a very useful Web Part that reads the user entries from the SharePoint User Profile Store or Custom List and displays the staff directory listing in a grid form.


wp-slidePicture Slide Show Web Part

The Picture Slideshow Web Part displays the images in a SharePoint Picture Library as a slideshow. The pictures are sequentially displayed, one after the other, at a preset time interval.


wp-tipTip of the Day Web Part

The “Tip of the Day” Web Part is designed to display a random tip every day, along with a title and a picture. The web part can be configured to pick a random entry from a predefined SharePoint List or RSS feed.


wp-accordionVertical Accordion Web Part

Vertical Accordion Web Part, designed and developed by Agiline Software, is a special purpose web part which presents the list data in a vertical tabbed format. This visual representation of the list data offers better visual appeal, as well as easy readability.