Agenda Management

Agiline Agenda Management – AGEMA is a web application designed to help local governments plan,
prepare, track, modify, route, distribute, review, approve and integrate documents and meeting

  • AGEMA provides tools for creating, organizing and distributing complex agenda items to be
    discussed and presented in different departmental or committee meetings.
  • Allow multiple users to collaborate on agenda items bound for different meetings and dates,
    share information, adding private or public notes, recommendations and attachments while
    maintaining automated version control. Capacity of using pre-built templates, forms, data
    tables, charts, graphs, maps and incorporating elements from other documents. Agenda items
    are tracked and routed based on configurable role based review and approval on set deadlines.
    Approved Items are grouped, sequenced, consolidated as a single meeting agenda distributed as
    PDF packets and accessible via the web application.
  • AGEMA configurable workflows automate tasks such as sending alerts and notifications to
    participants and stakeholders about deadlines, tasks status, upcoming meetings, agenda items,
    packets. Workflows can also create dynamic questionnaire to complement Agenda Items.
  • Ability to schedule meetings, send invitations to participants, and track attendance. Support
    session recording and streaming (audio/video), creating minutes, staff recommendations,
    motions, vote results, resolutions used for post meetings reports that can be automatically
    redistributed, posted or published on a website.
  • Agenda items, Packets and support documents are made available online, making it easy for
    citizens to stay informed and participate in local government.