SharePoint Conversion / Migration Tool

The SharePoint Conversion / Migration Tool lets you migrate your on-premise file shares or your files from SharePoint on-premise document libraries and easily move them to either latest SharePoint on-premise or SharePoint Online in Office 365.

This tool is designed for migration ranging from the smallest set of files to large-scale enterprise migrations. The SharePoint Conversion / Migration Tool will let you bring your information to the SharePoint on-premise or cloud and take advantage of the latest collaboration, intelligence, and security solutions with Office 365.

Conversion Types:

  • Import Content to SharePoint / Office 365
  • Export Content from SharePoint / Office 365
  • CSV to SharePoint / Office 365
  • SharePoint to SharePoint / Office 365
  • T-SQL to SharePoint / Office 365
  • EKTRON to SharePoint / Office 365
  • Outlook to SharePoint / Office 365


  • Source Content Pre-scan
  • Customizable and Reusable Migration Plans
  • Full or Incremental Migration
  • Migration with Full Fidelity
  • Source and Destination Environment Coexistence During Migration
  • Completely Offline Migration
  • Retaining the Content Metadata
  • Dashboard – Real Time Monitoring