Agiline Rapid Development Methodology

Agiline RDM technology offers Enterprise Level Application Development using simple collection of tools to manage:

  • Business Modeling
  • Allow for well managed flow of information
  • Data Distribution between units using different systems and applications
  • Data Modeling
  • Create and Manage Data models that adapts to your need
  • Define, configure and validate data objects and relationships
  • Manage individual data sets from different data sources (view, edit, save, share)
  • Application Generation
  • Based on T-SQL, no additional coding or languages needed
  • Build prototypes or final application housed internally or hosted on the cloud


There are many advantages for using RDM technology:

  • Agile solution development vs. Waterfall approach
  • Reduced development time leading to increased productivity
  • Participation of business stakeholders in the design and build process
  • Measurable and quantifiable project progress
  • Unified application interface, easy training and user adoption
  • Allow for application version control, testing and single click deployment
  • Integrates with several applications and data sources
  • Steady Stream of new services following clearly defined roadmap