• Organization Profile
    • Entity and Users
  • Qualitative Survey
    • Create complex, conditional survey
    • Create recommendation by score or by area
  • Quantitative
    • Integrate with different data types
      • financial, manufacturing, eCommerce, customer, social
    • Create Complex variable to monitor
      • Statistical and Mathematical
    • Define KPI using complex variable
      • Automated or manual ranges
        • Acceptable, no-acceptable, warning, watch
      • Set recommendation / action plan / Triggered operation / Notification
    • Generate Business assessment
      • Recommendation
        • Quantitative
        • Qualitative
        • Projections
        • Point in time vs. Trending

Used by:

  • Insurance and Banking institutions
  • Financial planners
  • Consultants & Auditors
  • Accounting and Legal Firms
  • Family and Wellness Organization
Agiline AFP is an assessment software application combining multiple data sets to create a
comprehensive and holistic view of organizations to insure viability and continuity, by setting goals and
objectives, measuring indicators, uncovering trends and addressing strategic and operational
First Quantitative set is a collection of KPI designed to track and measure performance against key
metrics and goals, information is automatically collected from financial applications presented in
customizable dashboards and monitored by automated workflow that sends notifications and alerts
based on preset values.
Second Qualitative based on stakeholders – owners, family members, managers and key employees –
skillset in areas such as strategic thinking, leadership, communication, adaptability, emotional
intelligence, organizational skills, flexibility, work ethics, integrity and continual learning. This sets is
collected over time using a quick survey questionnaire. Answers are tabulated as time series by
individual, by roles and compared amongst groups pointing toward conflict, harmony, inconsistency,
and other possible threats to the organization, groups and individual.
The third set is a collection of dynamic business, personal, organizational recommendation and actions
triggered based on the cumulative values of the Quantitative and Qualitative periodical assessments.
Application can be augmented by consultant and subject matter experts.
Key area of the application:

  • Connectivity: Use existing data connectors to link financial information to the application
  • Quantitative Configuration: Access and configure collection of existing KPI by sector,
    industry, finance, organization, sales and marketing, customer satisfaction, operational
    efficiencies, innovation.
  • Qualitative Configuration: Access and configure surveys by selecting areas, questions, rating
    and weight of your questionnaire. Adapt existing questions by own industry or sector
  • Recommendation & Action: Configure combination of qualitative and quantitative data
    levels to make specific recommendation and execute planned actions.
  • Interface: Access number of reports, dashboards, assessments, recommendations and

Agiline Continuity Plan software can be configured for a single organization or can be offered for
consultants to manage their customer base, extend and automate their offerings.