LEAFS: e-Connector Overview

e-Connector is an extension designed to permit a Law Enforcement Agency’s RMS to automatically upload data and supporting documentation from their own record management systems to the LEAFS web service.

e-Connector integrates with most major record management systems used by law enforcement agencies. The integration between LEAFS and e-Connector removes the need to duplicate the data entry process that the police agencies currently need to complete. e-Connector connects to existing systems which already contain much of the information to be submitted, centralizes the data and supporting documents for review, and when the directive is ready, allows for automatic submission to LEAFS.

Additionally, e-Connector can push data from LEAFS back to the law enforcement agency’s RMS.

Why Use It?

  • Reduce Errors. Use existing information from your system rather than retyping it for LEAFS.
  • Save Time. Accelerate the time in which complaints are submitted to the District Attorney’s office.
  • Save Money. Reduce the costs associated with double-entry and re-submissions, and allow for more efficient use of your resources.

e-Connector performs the following tasks:

  • Based on a preset frequency schedule check for system availability
  • Poll local system (RMS)
  • On Success: Outbound functionalities
    • Get count of available records for submission (ready flag on)
    • Pull available and ready records from the RMS system
    • Validate the pulled records against business rules
    • Package records and encrypt message for SOAP transfer
    • Call LEAFS remote server
    • Post SOAP request to LEAFS
    • Wait for Encrypted LEAFS response
    • Unpack encrypted message
    • Check for error during process execution
  • On Success: Inbound functionalities
    • Wait for inbound updates from LEAFS using SOAP Messages
    • Receive inbound Encrypted response from LEAFS
    • Unpack encrypted message
    • Check for error during execution
    • Based on local RMS capacity, update RMS with update received from LEAFS
  • House keeping
    • Close all transmissions
    • Create audit trail and logs for performed actions