Geospatial Interface


  • No coding necessary
  • Connect to multiple data sources

  • Display different kind of layers on the same map
  • Display data visually and in statistical/ease-of-use relevant ways
  • Make data-to-map integration easier/ better than the built-in Esri capabilities


  • SQL

  • ODBC

  • Esri Type Server

    • The aiWorks system allows for simple connection of your data into applications regardless of the database system.

Customization Automation and Control

  • Stages of Control

    • Object
      • aiWorks Esri Map
        • Enables user to connect 3 DB queries to generate Marker, Area, and HeatMap features
        • Use modifiers to changing the behaviors of the: Esri map, UI Toolbar, text styling, and certain Esri feature modifiers (e.g. heat map blur radius)

      • aiWorks Internal Esri Layer
        • Enables user to connect to an additional DB through query
        • Controls user’s editing capabilities (AddNew, Edit, Delete)
        • Use modifiers to control data to place inside Esri map features (e.g. for use as heatmap weight, or the popupContent)

    • Layers
    • Query Layers
      • Connect to multiple DBs and query data points to add to map
    • Property Layers (Internal/External sources)
      • Connect to Arcgis hosted feature layers to add to map

      • Connect to CSV files to extract map features
      • Connect to internal aiWorks layer object and their features
    • Features
      • Types
        • Markers
        • Areas
          • Circle/ square/ any polygon
        • Heatmaps
      • All features are each a single db record
        • Contain geographically relevant info on them for plotting or linkout

    • SQL Layers (Markers, Areas, Heat Maps)
  • Property Layers (Esri- related)

    • CSV
    • Arcgis layers
    • Internal layer
      • Esri external layers associated with Esri map object

  • Map / Object modifiers control dozens of variables

    • List by group
    • Heat maps radius/opacity, map type, title color

  • Address services

    • On the fly, transform and show addresses as geo codes


  • Using Connected layers or Generic layers

    • Launch aiWorks object
      • Onto dashboard

      • Into Esri

    • Editing/Graphical/Analytics
      • Linking for feature record modification

      • Data Visualization

  • Send actions to map

    • Map zoom in/out
    • Capture/download map screenshot


  • Create features directly on maps using

    • Circle, square, point, polyline, polygon
    • Can resize, reposition, and create new vertices

  • Version

User Interface (aiWorks Dashboards)

  • Create Geocode Projects

    • Mix Esri maps with charting, forms
    • Control their intercommunication
  • Publish internal or external using widgets or dashboards

  • On click print to PDF