Task Manager Outlook Add-In

Task Manager Outlook Add-In for TeamworkPM is an online software application that helps employees organize and reduce unnecessary meetings. It also keeps clients informed on the progress of their pending projects.

in order for projects to be completed, there is an extended degree o communications needed. In many instances, the back and forth email communication between the client leads to unexpected tasks. Not completing the tasks or misinterpreting them will lead to customer dissatisfaction.

In order for users to keep a note of these important messages, there exists and an Outlook Add-in which will immediately convert email messages into tasks. Creating tasks directly from Outlook will save time and avoid delaying a task.

Product Description

This is the "Task Manager for Teamwork" Outlook Add-In build for Teamwork.com. This outlook add-in will be helpful to create tasks in the teamwork.com site from email content. This also provided the features like assigning to user(s), add schedule and priority along with estimated time to complete. Below are the complete list of features.


The following are the major features of TeamworkPM Outlook 2013 Add-In "Task Manager for Teamwork":

   • Create task directly from Outlook 2013.
   • Create underneath specific Project and Task list.
   • You can assign Task to one or more persons.
   • You can also schedule a Task by providing Start Date, Due Dates and Estimate time to complete.
   • You can also mention Priority of the task.
   • Also notify the assignees.
   • Create task by right click on the mail item.
   • Create task from Outlook Inbox Explorer (ribbon menu).
   • Create task from View Mail Item (ribbon menu).
   • Create task from Outlook ADD-INS
   • Sync Outlook tasks from Outlook to TeamworkPM

Download Installation & User Instructions

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