Database and Reporting

Agiline offers a wide range of database management services that primarily focus on Microsoft SQL Server. Our database services include:

Database Architecture and Design
We have designed innumerable databases, starting from simple to complex. Our team works with you to decide on the appropriate architecture, and further tailors the database design, so as to support the changing organization needs.

Working closely with your IT team, we help you determine the right hardware that will meet the performance and uptime needs.
Database Administration
We help organizations manage their SQL Server Data. The database support services offered by us include standard database administration (DBA) tasks like performance monitoring, re-indexing, backups, and maintaining overall health and safety of your data and database.
Performance Tuning
Our team has hands-on experience working with huge SQL Server databases. We are experts in handling performance bottlenecks, and in resolving performance problems, which are generally faced by organizations.
High Availability, Backup, and Disaster Recovery
We work closely with our clients to understand their critical data. From there, we work out the details to design and implement appropriate High Availability, Backup, and Disaster Recovery solutions.
Data Conversions, Upgrades, and Migrations
As organizations update their technology, we ensure that their data is in a form that supports the new systems. We have delivered successful migrations like:

  • Moving to newer releases of SQL Server, including SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Azure
  • Oracle to SQL Server
  • Visual FoxPro to SQL Server
  • Access to SQL Server
  • DB2 to SQL Server