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This Outlook Add-In will be assist the users of teamwork product to create tasks in the site from email content. This product also allows the users to assign that tasks to other user(s) and add schedule and priority along with estimated time to complete.

Below are few main features of the product.

  • Enables single click to create task directly from Outlook 2010 / Outlook 2013.
  • Enables user to place the tasks under specific Project and under any Task list within.
  • Enables user to assign Task to one or more persons on the project.
  • Enables user to schedule a Task by inputting Start and Due Dates along with Estimate time to complete.
  • Enables user to set Priority of the task.
  • Enables user to notify the assignees.
  • Enables user to create tasks from Outlook Inbox Explorer (ribbon menu) as well as from View Mail Item (ribbon menu).
  • Overall this add-in enables user to Sync Outlook tasks to TeamworkPM.

Before installing the add-in one needs to make sure that the following are installed on the machine

  1. Dot Net Framework 4.0
  2. Office Outlook 2013 / Outlook 2010
  3. Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5
  4. MSXML 4.0
  5. Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

After purchasing of product from, user will be receiving License key to registered email address. Enter or paste the license key in the box and apply it. Once license key is applied, all the other controls will be enabled. User should insert the Teamwork URL and the API Key provided by in the Teamwork site for each User. User is can also set the frequency to synchronize the Outlook Tasks updates to teamwork site. has published about Outlook Plugin in July Newsletter.

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For purchasing this product, please visit:

Agiline LLC today announced they have been approved to provide Los Angeles County with services under its ITSSMA contract. The Information Technology Support Services Master Agreement, commonly referred to as ITSSMA, pre-authorizes vendors to provide services to county facilities. Agiline LLC, now an authorized Los Angeles vendor, is excited to provide software development and consulting services for the LA County as they have done for public entities throughout Southern California.

"We have a highly skilled team of program managers, designers, information architects, developers, and engineers and we are confident in our ability to provide great value to LA County", said Greg Sincock, Practice Manager. Agiline, a Microsoft Partner with multiple development and collaboration competencies, primarily works with Microsoft development technologies including, .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, and other supporting technologies. A high percentage of the Agiline technical staff are certified in their area of expertise.

Agiline has provided software development and IT consulting services for public entities in other cities and counties including Law enforcement agencies, District Attorney Offices, K12 education, City IT departments, and more. "We have a great track record of delivering success software projects", said Sincock, "and we look forward to more broadly serving Los Angeles County."

Agiline LLC has been approved under its ITSSMA contract to provide Los Angeles County with services in these categories:

Category 5: Client/Server Application Systems Planning and Development

Category 10: Web-Based Development Services

This ITSSMA contract allows Agiline the ability to extend its software development services to Los Angeles County. While currently approved for Category 5 and 10, Agiline is now preparing to submit an extension of the master agreement to include:

Category 4: Desktop Consulting and Application Development

Category 7F: Technical Specialist Consulting-Data Administration Activities

With the addition of the two categories Agiline is excited about the future prospects and services they will be capable of providing Los Angeles County.

Agiline LLC., a leading provider of custom software solutions, products and services, specializing in Microsoft Technologies and SharePoint, is conducting an exclusive event on June 27th, 2013 to introduce the key features and benefits of SharePoint 2013. This event will have limited seats and needs a prior registration.

The event introduces the newest features of SharePoint 2013, and details on how these help in achieving innovative ways of sharing work with others, organizing the projects and teams, and discovering people and information. The focus areas of the event include What’s new with document management, Content retention and record management capabilities, SharePoint options in Office 365, and Search enhancements for business content. The demo would walk through each of these topics in detail, providing deep insights, features, as well as advantages. The event would address all the basic questions about SharePoint 2013 and its important features. By participating in the event one will also get to interact and network with other business professionals looking to utilize technology to improve their organizations.

Talking about the event, Emmanuel Mathew, CEO of Agiline LLC. says, "SharePoint 2013 is the newest addition to the SharePoint success story. Through this event, we would like to spread the awareness about the power packed features of SharePoint 2013. This event would introduce SharePoint 2013 and its important features, and would answer the basic questions and doubts about the product. The event also includes several demos, making the concepts and features clear. We invite everyone who believes in the power of technology, to attend the event and benefit from the knowledge it offers. This would help in making better business decisions."

One can register for this event at Agiline's website at:

RVSP P: 909.605.2729 E:

Agiline LLC., a leading provider of custom software solutions, products and services, specializing exclusively in Microsoft Technologies, is conducting a special event on April 25th, 2013 to introduce the key features and benefits of Office 365, in the perspective of small businesses. This event will have limited seats and needs a prior registration.

This event would be throwing light on various dimensions of Office 365. The main focus would be on the online availability of familiar Office Applications, Business Email with Exchange Online, Document Sharing with SharePoint Online and Web Conferencing with Lync Online. The presenters would walk through each of these topics in detail, providing the true insights, features and advantages. Attending this session could help one to get answered all their basic questions and doubts about Office 365 and its main features.

Talking about the event, Emmanuel Mathew, CEO of Agiline LLC. says, "Office 365 is creating new waves among the business segment. Through this event, we would like to bring Office 365 even more closer to small businesses. Office 365 undoubtedly is adding real value to businesses in lowering their overall IT cost and improve business efficiencies. This event would introduce Office 365 and its important features, and would answer the fundamental questions and doubts about the product. This would help the businesses in making an informed decision, while opting for Office 365's cloud offerings."

"This event is a well thought out strategy from Agiline to introduce Office 365 to the small business segment in a more informative way. The event will walk through varied important features of Office 365 and describes the benefits that it offers. The event is going to be both informative as well as interactive. We are glad to invite each and every business entity which is curious to know about Office 365, to be part of this event. "Greg Sincock, Practice Manager, Agiline added.

One can register for this event at Agiline's website at:

RVSP P: 909.605.2729 E:

Ontario, California, February 2013 – After having introduced a series of innovative web parts for use in the SharePoint environment, Agiline LLC., a leading provider of custom software solutions, is now making all its web parts available for online shopping.

Agiline LLC has always been responding to clients' demands in most innovative and convenient way. Making provision for the online shopping for its web parts is yet another step in this direction. There are totally eleven web parts available for online shopping, out of which three web parts are free of cost! For the rest eight web parts also, trial period version is available for free. The web parts that are available for online shopping include Ad Rotator, Birthday, Anniversary and New Hires Web Part, Calendar/ Multi Calendar, Cloud Carousel, Contact Us Web Part, Dynamic Tabs, Employee / Staff Directory, List View, Picture Slide Show, Tip of the Day and Vertical Accordion.

Once the users get the confidence of the utility factor of the web parts and get conversant with their functionality and usage, they can buy the lifetime license of the web parts, paying a nominal price. A onetime registration is necessary to buy the web parts online. It's very simple and easy. After which, the users can login and checkout the web parts online.

Commenting on the introduction of online shopping for Agiline's SharePoint Web Parts, Emmanuel Mathew, CEO of Agiline LLC. Said, "This is a new step towards making things simpler for our clients. With the introduction of online shopping for our web parts, we have taken the initiative to reach out to our existing and potential clients in a simple and effective way. With this, we are hoping for better business for ourselves, as well as for our clients."

Ontario, California, January 2013 – Agiline LLC., a leading provider of custom software solutions, is all excited to include two more brand new web parts - the Cloud Carousel and the Vertical Accordion, to its web parts collection, which is getting richer with every new addition.

Developed on SharePoint 2010 Server Object Model, these web parts are designed to offer simple yet robust functionality. Both the web parts come with several configurable parameters, and hence can be easily configured to meet user requirements. The plug-n-play advantage makes these web parts, all the more unique and value for money.

The Cloud Carousel web part belongs to the category of web parts meant for providing meaningful representation of visuals and images. This web part is built to offer an appealing portrayal of images in a picture library. Hence, the web part is ideal for use with mastheads, advertising etc. With several configurable parameters, for image properties, rotation speed, and direction of rotation, the web part's functionality can easily be customized as per the user's needs. The web part can be used on SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Standard as well as Enterprise versions.

The Vertical Accordion is a special purpose web part that is capable of displaying the list data in a vertical tabbed format. The web part reads the data from the custom list and displays it in the tab format. Users can read the description of a particular tab by clicking the tab title. The web part also offers the provision to select the list items that need to be displayed. The users can also alter the display order of the list items by setting appropriate value in the 'Display Order' field of the list item. This web part is also designed to be used with SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Standard and Enterprise versions.

Commenting on the addition of these new SharePoint Web Parts, Emmanuel Mathew, CEO of Agiline LLC. said, "Its gives us a new high, every time we add such innovative web parts to our web parts collection. These new web parts are unique in their own way and provide new ways of representing the data and images. We are confident that these web parts add new dimensions to the enterprise tasks and make them more interesting and easy to execute. Through our web parts collection and our other SharePoint Solutions and SharePoint Support Services, we strive hard to serve our clients with better solutions and services."

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